Presenters/ Damien Crough and Rob Colquhoun prefabAUS

Damien Crough, prefabAUS Board Chair and Hickory Project Manager, Sync Building Systems /
Rob Colquhoun prefabAUS Board member and Prebuilt Managing Director

Australia, along with many countries around the world, is changing the way it builds. The trend for off-site construction and prefabricated elements is expanding at a rapidly growing rate and is globalizing the construction industry for the first time.

Locally it is forecast to produce between 10 to 15 per cent of Australia’s overall construction sector by 2023, equating to an estimated $30 billion dollars a year and 75,000 jobs.

PrefabAUS is Australia’s peak body for the off-site construction industry. Passionate about the role of prefabrication in transforming our built environment, prefabAUS is creating a new manufacturing base centred on 21st century construction innovation and quality.

As co-founders of prefabAUS Damien and Rob play a vital role in Australia’s building and manufacturing sector.

Damien’s expertise has helped establish Hickory Building Systems. As one of Australia’s leading prefabrication companies, Hickory is playing an active role in further transforming off-site construction in Australia.

With extensive experience in development management, manufacturing and corporate governance, Rob established Prebuilt in 2003 based on his passion for quality building prefabrication. Prebuilt provides high quality, design-led prefab homes with a commercial arm focusing on industrial solutions.

Hear from Damien and Rob at the Smart Artz Gallery on November 11th when they present on how Australia’s growing off-site construction sector is changing within an increasingly global industry.

VENUE / Smart Artz Gallery
ADDRESS / 2 Alfred Place, South Melbourne
DATE / Tuesday November 11th
TIME / 6pm to 8pm
RSVP / Friday 7th November